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Make the most of your existing vegetation and find out what government cost share programs and land grant opportunities are available.


Erosion Control & Wetland Mitigation

Streamside bank stabilization: Let us help you reduce the sediment lost on your water's edge.  Our designs using tree and plant species with a dense fibrous root system will restore your bank to its natural setting.

Water runoff filtration with native plants: Using native plants along creeks, ditches, or any other areas of water movement can serve as filtration systems, while improving habitat and reducing the amount of sediment loss.

Hydro-seeding: An environmentally friendly way to restore and re-vegetate a steep slope or areas with a high risk of erosion and limited equipment disturbance.

Re-vegetation methods: Restoration is our specialty!  Whether you’re re-vegetating a past mining operation or new construction site, our eye and expertise can help you.

Wetland delineation: Protecting and preserving wetlands are on the top of our list.  An accurate delineation can identify and help you protect these areas.  Our experts identify these areas by analyzing the habitat through soil profiles and plant species present.

Botany - Get the most out of your plants

Native landscaping: Whether you're landscaping around your cabin or the entranceway to your property, give you guest a unique offering of a natural setting.  We connect aesthetics to your site requirements to offer a niche on your piece of ground.

Native grass implementation and management: Native grasses not only offer quality habitat for many species of wildlife, but they’re root systems can be used for erosion control.

Invasive species control: Invasive species are known for outcompeting beneficial vegetation, which can ultimately affect your goals and objectives.

Species I.D.: We got this one covered!  Let us “filter” our way through the woods with you to show you what’s really out there.  We can promise you that your wildlife already know.

Nature trail design and implementation: Everyone enjoys the peace and relaxation of nature’s finest.  Our team connects your property with topographic maps, access points, low maintenance and wildlife preferred areas to increase your properties potential.

Educational plaque’s: Have you ever wondered what a cypress knee, or vines are really used for…..these plaques can help educate folks from all ages on the truth about nature.

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