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If you’re interested in government cost share programs we can provide needed insight as well as execution on a wide variety of programs. Let us help you benefit from grant money allocated for the many wildlife enhancement and mitigation programs available. From stream side bank stabilization to pollinator habitat implementation and management - we have the experience needed to make it happen.


Whether it’s for greater recreational value or increased revenue, our team knows the most effective forestry practices available to grow and maintain the highest quality timber possible. Our forestry services can help you achieve your land management goals efficiently and  economically. Let us help you secure the long term value of your timber land.


Experienced in everything from predator management to wildlife conservation, we know wildlife. From whitetail habitat to waterfowl feeding areas, let us develop and implement a management plan specifically tailored to your piece of property.  We know what it takes to transform your piece of land into the wildlife sanctuary your family and friends will talk about for generations.


Our goal at Nature's Eye Consulting is to provide efficient and effective land, wildlife, and resource management solutions. Whether it's growing bigger deer, managing your timber, or simply creating a wildlife sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your vision.

We conduct a thorough "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" tour of your property to develop a management plan tailored specifically to your property's needs. Our one-on-one interaction with each client ensures we know exactly what goals you have in mind, and we're here every step of the way to make sure those goals are achieved. 



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